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Pomoc drogowa Toruń

Road Assistance, Towing, Breakdown truck:

Professional assistance provided by the team SOBCOM is a guarantee and assurance that your car safely and professionally will be towed to the designated place.

Specialization of our company is:

  • * Emergency Road special vehicles, functional Hydraulic Platform Hydraulic Forks
  • * Towing - transport of passenger cars, vans, motorcycles - and damaged the whole
  • * Departures cars at home and abroad - assistance in completing the formalities in the countries of Europe and the USA
  • * Transport of forklift trucks and budowlnaych machines, agricultural (excavators, loaders, elevators) to 5T
  • * Specialised container transport, camps, bungalows and other special charges
  • * Repairs Vulcanizing around the clock - the TIR
  • * Removal of vehicles with trailers
  • * Carrying passengers from the place of collision and towing the damaged vehicle
  • * The Pilot
  • * We work with many insurance companies offer cashless settlement.

We have liability insurance carrier transport, required licenses and certificates, so that our roadside assistance is a trusted and reliable.

We issue VAT invoices.

The professionalism of our services confirms the growing crowd of happy and recommending us to other customers.

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Telefon: +48-506-66-66-26
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