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Auto Focus, Auto Focus, Focus cars:

* Quickly and easily * 24 * Call Now! *
  • * Need cash?
  • * Smashed his car?
  • * You turn your car into another, newer?
  • * Do not have time for the issuing of notices and the presentation of the car?

  • Be sure to contact us and check our offer!

    Free inspection and acceptance throughout the country, own transport - tow..

    CASH on hand!

    We are particularly interested in car accident-free and in very good condition - yearbooks since 2000.

    We will buy any car, also damaged.

    Experience has shown that we pay more than dealers, commission houses, insurance companies. Our auto buying buying a whole fleet of vehicles from businesses and individuals.

    We own AUTO KOMIS in the city of Torun, Poland - borrow cash secured car.

    We invite you to cooperation.

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Przemysław Sobierajski


Telefon: +48-506-66-66-26
stat4u Katalog Firm